The Dice Tower (the dice tower)

In this episode, we take a look at Lewis and Clark, Oneupmanship, Freedom: the Underground Railroad, Pairs, and Mice and Mystics: Heart of Glorm. We descend into yet another tale of horror, answer some questions, and finish up the show with our top ten exploration games!

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In this show, we review Clash of Cultures, Eight Minute Empire Legends, Common Ground, Damage Report, and Splendor - while Eric gets angry at a game.  Geoff analyzes Werewolf, Mark talks about Adepticon, we talk about Origins and much, much more!  We end the show talking about how to deal with those who make fun of our hobby.

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In this show, Tom and Eric take a look at Give it to the King, Get Lucky, Prosperity, Corto, Menu Mash-Up, Assassin's Creed: Arena, and more!  We then take a trip down memory lane as we examine our childhood and the games that we played throughout it.

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In this show, Tom and Eric take a look at Concept, Nations, Blueprints, Krosmaster: Frigost, VOLT, Koryo, Smashup: Science Fiction Double Feature, and Sentinels of the Multiverse: Vengeance.  Geoff talks about antidosis, Tom about baseball cards, Bill about conventions, Tom and Eric about theme, Eric about marriage, Brian about Glory to Rome, and Barry about - well....   Several contributors talk about their favorite games from childhood, and another Tale of Horror descends on us.

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With Eric away at the GAMA trade show in Las Vegas, Sam Healey and Zee Garcia join Tom to talk about Compounded, Firezne, Eruption, Battle for Souls, Last Will, and Colosseum.  They also answer a bunch of questions, before Dan King and Eric Summerer enter, live from Las Vegas, to give some news highlights and upcoming game information.

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In this show, Eric and Tom show up, but apparently not Tom's memory.  We talk about Warlock, the Great Zimbabwe, Machi Koro, Bugs in the Kitchen, and Steam Park.  Eric finishes a contest, we answer a pile of questions, and then we talk about our top ten funniest board games.  Again.

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In this show, we have another tale of Horror, and talk about Adventure Time Card Game, Hawken, Knockout, Concordia, Russian Railroads, and Coconuts.  Tom discusses his new book shelves, Brian talks about the Bottle Imp, we have another Unpub minute, Greg goes to another store, and much, much more!

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Still almost no Tom in this show - but the Cardboard Jungle guys show up to help host the show.  Our contest continues, questions are answered, and we end with a big game show!  With fabulous prizes!

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Almost no Tom in this episode, as the Flip the Table guys help Eric host part 1 of the TotalCon 2014 experience.  They talk about new games they've played at the show, have a multi-voice Tale of Horror, start a contest, and talk about giant and miniscule board games.

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In this show, we talk about several games, giving a detailed look at the upcoming Marvel: Dice Masters game.  We hear from several contributors, and end the show with our top ten auction games1

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