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A special announcement from Stronghold Games.

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In this episode, we ask the question - what is the true gaming capitol of the world. We mention some recent games, including Discworld, and Geoff takes us on a Wild West showdown. Andrew wonders about detective games, and the Chief talks more about Kickstarter.

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This episode, originally posted November 2005, contains our hot game of the month - Deflexion (now Khet). We review Axis and Allies Pacific, and talk about our top ten "double date" games.

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In this episode, Moritz takes a vacation in Greece, and we talk about several new games, including Killer Bunnies and Hibernia. We answer a ton of listener questions, and conclude with our top ten collectible games.

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In this show, we talk about Belfort, King of Tokyo, Clippers, and Eaten by Zombies. Mark talks about taking kids to conventions, and Geoff discusses gamers helping real world problems. We go over news, and talk about themes that can make or break a game for us.

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Originally posted December 2005, this show features Joe and Tom talking about their top Pacific Theater games, and their top ten Surprise Attack Games.

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In this show, Tom and Eric answer a pile of user questions and talk about some recent games such as Space Maze and Back to the Future, the card game. Father Geek talks about memorization, Greg about the Great Escape, and we all give our top ten games from Rob Daviau and Craig Van Ness.

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In this show, originally posted November 2005, Joe and Tom review Hive and Apples to Apples, as well as look at the best games from 2001.

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In this show, we talk about games that have had a profound influence on us, while Geoff takes a look at chaos theory. We talk about some recently played games, including Werewolf, Martian Dice, Tic Tac Boom, and Node; and review the Kobold Guide to Board Game Design. Andrew Miller questions why we game, and we take a look at some of the latest board game news.

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In this episode we take a look at Elder Signs, Coyote, Castle Dash, and Adventurers: Pyramid of Horus. We learn some more about geek skills, game conventions, and answers to questions. Finally, we end the show with our top ten games for six players.

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